Definition: Noun: (1) Rectangular frame on the screen of computer software that 'open' onto applications: operations take place within a window. * Several windows may be open at any time but usually only one will be 'active' at a given time. * In multi-tasking environments, two or more windows can be active in the sense that operations can take place simultaneously in each window e.g. an image file is changed in size while a word processor file is being printed. (2) Aperture -- usually rectangular, possibly circular or oval -- cut in board or similar material through which a print or picture is framed. (3) Aperture or opening in a camera to reveal e.g. frame counter, markings on film canister or back of roll-film (obsolete), etc. (4) Field of view of apparatus e.g. stereo-viewer. (5) Portion of visible spectrum that is least absorbed by a medium. e.g. blue-green light is transmitted best in seawater, red-orange is transmitted best by dusty or moisture-laden air, hence colour of sunsets.

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