Definition: Adjective: (1) ~object, ~pigment or ~surface: that which reflects high levels of incident light and all visible wavelengths more or less equally e.g. snow, white sand, white paint. (2) ~ light source: one whose light has not identifiable colour. * One which emits light whose energy is distributed more or less evenly through the visible wavelengths. (3) ~ balance: relative amounts of red, blue and green in a light-source: the measure of which enables an image sensor to correct for colour imbalance. (4) ~ point: pixels with maximum values in red, blue and green. Noun: (5) name of visual sensation of bright light that is without perceptible or noticeable hue. (6) Pixel whose RGB values in each channel are more or less equal and high e.g. 250,251,249. (7) Patch or area of print in which CMYK values are all very low, e.g. 3,3,2,5.

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