Definition: Noun: (1) film or print-out in which the image is seen by lilluminating it from behind e.g. colour transparency, overhead projection film. (2) Degree to which background colour can be seen through a mask or through a pixel in the foreground. * 100% transparent pixels are invisible, 0% transparent pixels completely cover the background colour. (3) Degree to which an observer can see or that light can penetrate through a medium. Adjective: (4) ~ viewer: instrument for viewing or displaying transparency film. * Numerous and wide range of designs: from large cabinets with built-in projectors to hand-held portable viewers using available llight. (5) ~ hood, ~ adaptor: accessory or part of a flat-bed scanner that enables scanning of transparent originals e.g. slides and film. * Usually consists of a light-source in the lid of the scanner: it moves in step with the scanner array during scanning.

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