Definition: Noun: Combination or collection of components or devices designed to work together or complement each other in function. (1) Camera ~: collection of camera bodies, lenses, motor-drives, flash-units, close-up accessories, etc. designed to be compatible with each other. (2) Computer ~: collection of computer with its peripheral devices e.g. monitor, scanner, printer, CD writer, etc. which are connected and work together. Adjective: (3) ~ requirement: specification defining the minimum configuration of equipment and version of operating system needed to open and run application software or device. * Usually describes type and version of processor, amount of available RAM, amount of free hard disk, version of operating system and, according to software, number of colours that can be displayed on monitor as well as need for specific hardware or connectors e.g. DVD player, FireWire. (4) ~ disk: Floppy disk or CD, etc. which contains operating system: used to boot up computer. * Also called startup disk. (5) ~ error: fault in execution of operating system which prevents it from working. * Usually calls for a forced restart or reboot. (6) ~ folder: in Mac OS, a file which holds the major and crucial operating resources e.g. Finder, drivers, preferences, fonts, control panels.

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