Definition: Movement on a vertical or horizontal axis at the lens or film standard on a camera. * Serves to alter position of image on the film e.g. to remove unwanted foreground or to view more of one side of the image than the other. Perceptions of perspective Shift movements are the camera movements used most often implemented in SLR camera lenses which are otherwise constitutionally as rigid as a poker. For one thing, it's the easiest to implement. For another, it is the most useful. You use it to improve shots of buildings, by removing foreground and gaining a view of the higher part of the image. Unfortunately this has spawned the erroneous notion that such a lens mount design can control perspective. Nikon is to blame, for calling their shift lenses 'perspective control' or PC lenses. Tut, tut. Just call them 'shift lenses'. For, as you know, lenses do not control perspective, your legs do.

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