Definition: Modulator-demodulator: electronic device that can both change (modulates) signals from a computer into a form that can be handled by a telephone system and change back signals from the telephone system into a form the computer can handle (demodulate). *Modems must speak the right language i.e. conform to standard protocols in order for the phone system to accept them e.g. V90. * The rate at which modems can transmit data is measured in baud. Revolution in a box We go gooey over the revolutions wrought by the Internet but who gives a thought to the humble box that wheezes and squeaks when you wake it up? Without the modem, you can kiss goodbye to a great idea. Modems made it possible to use ordinary phone-lines laid in their drillion miles all over the world. Otherwise a whole new infrastructure would have had to be laid ... ask the cable companies how much trouble that would have been.

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