Definition: Micro-reciprocal degree: measure of colour temperature of light source. * Equals the reciprocal of the colour temperature multiplied by a million. * Also reciprocal megakelvin or microreciprocal Kelvins (M/K-1) or mireks. * Filters used to raise or lower colour temperature may be designated by their 'mired shift'. Computational shenanigans This is the kind of arithmetical fiddling that drives people crazy. The point is to correct a non-linearity: a unit change of colour temperature at one end does not have the same effect as a unit change at the other, whereas with mireds (and sons of mireds, the decamireds) a unit change as caused by e.g. a filter has visibly about the same effect. * It is intended to approximate the smallest change in hue that is detectable by the human eye -- but you're forgiven for suspicious that the figures comes out so neatly.

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