macro lens

Definition: Photographic lens designed to produce optimum results within macro or close-up range. * May be optimised for magnification of 1:1 or less, e.g. 1:5 but usually capable of excellent results when focused at distant objects.
Marvellous macros
These lenses are often not noticed by the amateur, who generally takes a fancy to the faster, more glamorous lenses. But if you want sharp, distortion-free, high-contrast and generally impeccable image quality, macro lenses are the best buys on the planet as most are cheap for the tremendous image quality they offer. For 135 format, 50mm is good for flat-copy and book-sized objects, 100mm or so is best for nature photos, and has uses as a portrait lens. 180-200mm is great for nature when you can't get too close. 65mm or so on 35mm format is a good all-rounder.

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