Definition: Noun: (1) Part of a computer, peripheral or key-board that produces a character. (2) Any art-work, guide or (in printing) physical forme that establishes the relative positions of graphics elements, type or other printing element. (3) Piece of information that unlocks an encrypted message -- e.g. an algorithm or number which, when entered, turns gibberish into sensible data. (4) Black separation in the four-colour process, i.e. the 'K' in CMYK. Verb: (5) To add one image from one source to another source, usually moving images: the first image is likely to be the 'key' frame defining the start of a sequence. (6) To enter characters or text by tapping away on a key-board. (7) Adjective: ~ light: the luminaire providing the main source of lighting in a studio set-up.

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