Definition: Reduction in visible contrast of a scene due to scattering of light by particles suspended in air. An aggravated form of fog in a polished surface caused by the scattering of light. The defects causing haze are larger than those causing fog, but singly are not large enough to be seen by the unaided eye. * May also refer to light scatter in transparent material e.g. film base.
Hazy filtration
Ulra-violet and blue light is scattered more than longer wavelengths, so the so-called 'haze' filters are designed to absorp short wavelengths, consequently appear faintly pink. Being logical you think to yourself, actually such filters should be called minus-haze filters -- seeing as they are supposed to cut haze. I have never known them to work terribly well, by the way: sometimes the pink combines with the blue to give a magenta cast. I'd rather have haze.

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