front projection

Definition: (1) Arrangement for viewing of projected image in which the screen lies in front of the viewer and the projector, with the image being projected onto the front of the screen. * The viewing room must be darkened for the arrangement to be effective. (2) Arrangement for combining a subject with a projected image. * The camera and projector share a common optical axis on a special rig and a highly efficient and directional projection screen is used. The subject is lit with studio lights. The projected image is not apparent on the subject because it is flooded by the studio lights but appears bright in the background thanks to the projection screen.
Sit down in front
Front projection is at best a measure of last resort: even when done with great skill -- which needs excellent images for the background and great studio lighting -- it is very seldom convincing, merely indicating a budget that could not stretch to working on location. Today it is almost wholly obsolete thanks to the superiority and convenience of digital montaging techniques.

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