flat-bed scanner

Definition: Type of scanner for reflection originals and can be adapted for transparent originals. * Employs a set of sensors arranged in a line and focused via mirrors and lenses on the subject which is placed face down on a flat glass bed facing a light-source: as the sensors traverse the length of the subject they register the varying light levels reflected off the subject. * In some scanner designs, the subject is carried on a moving bed which travels over a stationary arrangement of light and sensors.
Cheap and very flare-ful
Flat-bed scanners are by far the most versatile design and good value-for-money. Quality can range from adequate for scanning text to top-class reproduction quality with prices from low two figures to anything up. The main limitation of the design is the inefficient optical arrangement which has very high flare levels that limit the maximum density that can be measured so limiting its use as a film scanner.

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