Definition: Adjective: (1) ~ tone, ~ contrast e.g. flat negative or print is low contrast i.e. shows only grey tones. (2) ~ light, ~ conditions tending to produce evenly-lit or low contrast results e.g. flat lighting is lighting producing small variation in brightness between brightest and darkest parts of subject. (3) ~ field: optical system offering a low level of field curvature at its focal plane e.g. enlarging and macro lenses are flat-field lenses. (4) ~ film: condition of film at film gate such that the curvature or buckling of film is kept to within the depth of focus of the optical system and settings in use. (5) ~ -file database, ~ structure: organisation of information in any database-like structure e.g. web-site with minimal use of sub-levels or secondary branching. (6) Noun: panel or other flat, mobile surface on which to hang pictures for exhibition or used to make scenery and backgrounds.

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