fixed focus

Definition: Type of lens mounting which fixes lens at set distance from film: usually focused on hyperfocal distance. For normal to slightly wide-angle lenses this is at between 2m-4m from camera. * Used with moderate wide-angle or standard focal length lenses in cheaper cameras to eliminate expense of providing focusing mount with aperture restricted to around f/8. * Some lenses -- e.g. fish-eye -- may not need focusing.
Dream on, dreamers
Ever dreamt of the day you'd never have to fumble around to focus a lens again? And you thought 'focus-free' lenses were a technological leap forward? Sorry, focus-free lenses are simply ones glued into place: lenses that have never been within touching distance of a focusing mechanism. Forget them for all but the least demanding uses. On the other hand, photographers may, on occasion, turn their focusing lenses into fixed focus by taping the focusing ring e.g. in aerial photography. Note some cameras -- e.g. Contax auto-focus -- focus by moving the film.

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