Definition: (1) Technique for controlling local contrast during printing by selectively reducing amount of light reaching parts of print which would otherwise print too dark. * Used to 'hold back' or preserve shadow detail. * Dodging tools are usually small bits of card stuck onto ends of long thin wires. * Note: dodging with reversal or pos-pos paper results in darkening of area. (2) Picture processing editing technique giving effect similar to that of dark-room technique i.e. with effect of lightening the image.
Dodgy hints
Digital dodging promises unlimited dodging potential but beware: it is great for working on small areas but unless very carefully done, it is hopelessly all thumbs with large areas. If an area is more than a few fat brush-strokes wide, it is generally better to rope the whole area off with lots of feathering and applying tonal controls such as Levels or Curves.

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