Definition: Process of re-arranging big files which have become scattered about in fragments on different parts of a hard disk so that all the fragments are kept next to each other or as close together as possible.
De-frag for all you're worth
Working with de-fragged files is like having all your papers in the one pile: it's faster, easier and almost fun. For the hard-disk, it translates into easy work: it can read a large file in one go as all the parts are in easy, sequential reach -- which can speed up work by as much as 70%. Allthough with modern disks and their large caches, that is less of anissue. It's worth running de-fraggers on your hard-disk every month or so if you do heavy manipulation of big files (say over 40 MB). Most defrag software run a profile test or map to see whether it's worth taking action.

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