back up

Definition: (1) Verb: to make and store second or further copies of computer files to insure against loss, corruption or damage of the original files usually all important application files, setup files as well as data files. (2) Noun: (also spelt 'back-up'): the copies of original files made as an insurance against loss or damage of any kind. * Copies may be made on any storage media: stored in exactly the same form as the original; stored in a compressed form; stored in separate blocks (if the file size is greater than the capacity of the storage media); stored in a different medium from the original.
Backing up back-ups
We all advise it to everyone else but do we do it ourselves? Nope. Just do yourself a favour: ignore your laziness, ignore the calls of nature, ignore the TV schedule demanding you watch, ignore your hungers. Back up. And because the most unreliable technology on earth is the human being, back up the back-up.

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