Definition: Twin Lens Reflex: camera design using two lenses placed one above the other on a common panel, with the top lens arranged as a reflex viewing lens (image is seen via a right-angled reflection in a mirror), the bottom lens is the taking lens. As the viewing lens is focused, it automatically focuses the taking lens. * Generally used for medium or roll-film format, rarely for smaller or larger. Camera nirvana The Dalai Lama of TLR-dom is the Rolleiflex which in its last incarnations as the 2.8f and GX was as perfect as any camera could hope to be: the Mecca of superb image quality, the Disneyland of easy facility in use, the ... (That's quite enough. Ed.) of utter reliability and sturdiness and with an almost totally silent, smooth (Yeah, yeah. We've got the idea. Ed.)

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