Definition: Tagged Image File Format: method for storing image data, extensively used across platforms and a de facto standard. * A bit-mapped or raster image file format supporting 24 bit colour per pixel with data such as dimensions, colour look-up tables, etc. stored as a 'tag' added to the top or header of the data file. * Variety of tag specifications give many flavours of TIFF - which can lead to compatibility problems. * May be indicated by the file name suffice .tif. Squashed TIFF The commonest way to save space when archiving TIFF files is to use LZW compression, which is a lossless method. But beware: some applications can't open compressed TIFF files, including, for a time, the otherwise versatile and unfussy GraphicConverter and Quark XPress (here, if you like the requisite XTension). Also some RIPs will choke on compressed files. If you want to keep friends with bureaux and output houses, give them uncompressed files ... and give yourself an easy night's sleep.

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