Definition: Small Computers Systems Interface: a standard and protocol for connecting devices to enable them to share data. * SCSI chains in basic form support up to seven devices, each of which must have its unique ID or identification number from 0 to 6, where 0 is usually the computer or its start-up hard disk. * The last device in a chain has to be terminated i.e. closes the electrical circuit: many devices will detect that they are the last item and terminate automatically, the so-called auto-terminator. SCSI troubles While SCSI devices continue, their conflicts will too. If your device doesn't mount: (1) the terminator may have to be inserted in a device in the middle of the chain i.e. its ID number is not the highest in the chain or the terminator may even have to be left off altogther (2) change the IDs of the unmounted device for another free ID number (3) swop ID numbers around (4) use shorter cables. Remember to re-boot with any change. (5) If all fails, sorry, but you probably have a Windows machine and need more help than I, or anyone, can give.

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