Definition: Read-Only Memory: digital storage system which can only be read or accessed but whose data cannot be edited in any way. * ROM may be used to store key information such as the operating system of e.g. hand-held device to run the system e.g. the basic set-up of the computer, to provide basic functions for application software programs to use; to control activity of input and output ports, manage the hard-disk and so forth. * But may be larger scale e.g. CD-ROM or some flavours of DVD. Where we would be without batteries? Answer: completely up the ROM tree: the ROM in desk-top computers usually keeps user settings (e.g. date, identities) in reserved RAM which needs power to maintain, hence the need for a small battery in the computer which is needed when the main power is turned off. On Apple Macs, the reserved RAM is called PRAM (Parameter RAM).

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