Definition: Redundant Array of Independent Devices: a configuration of hard-disk drives that share data and markers for data in order to minimise loss due to corruption or break-down of one drive. * High level RAIDs allow total recovery of all data should one or more drives break down but lower levels will tolerate less break-down before the whole system crashes and data is irrecoverable. Raid the Piggy-bank RAIDs are highly recommended for high-volume needs i.e. when hard-disk drives are more than 20GB or more in size. The angst and bother resulting in a loss of a 500 MB file is bad enough, but losing more than 5 GB at once just doesn't bear thinking about. The paranoid (who are the only ones who survive, remember) will back up their RAIDs with tape, CDs and whatever else they can lay their hands on. The more you value your work, the more you back-up.

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