Definition: Functional Interpolating Transformational System: file format used by Live Picture family of software. * FITS files are a mathematical description of the editing effects and are therefore resolution-independent.
When good idea loses out to bad practice
It's a great idea: instead of working on the entire image file for every little change, you just remember the effect of changes and apply it only to the displayed image. When you've done fiddling with the image, you apply the changes all at once i.e. the sum of effects must be raster image processed on the image. This strategy,  shared by other software such as xRes and Satori in the 1990s, was the alternative to the Photoshop strategy of working at pixel level. Sounded great, but it just did not take off. However, the concept of working on proxy files has returned with software such as Apple Aperture®, Adobe Lightroom® but using XMP a cross-platform way to record edits.

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