Definition: Advanced Photo System: coordinated system of film cartridges, film, information interchange between cartridges and camera and with processing laboratories. * The film was 24mm wide.  Formats could be varied mid-roll: from H: 30.2mmx16.7mm, C measuring 25.1x16.7mm (40% smaller than 135 format) and P measuring 30.2mm x 9.5mm. * Cartridges are easy to load, and cameras unwind the entire roll prior to exposure so film is rolled back in as it is exposed. * Film speed, film type, length of roll etc. are automatically input into cameras. * Other features include: possibility of using three different print formats; mid-roll interchange; data imprinting; picture quality improvement, according to camera.
Troubled history
APS was the right format at the wrong time. From its inception in 1996 its many brilliant features were no match for the dominance of 35mm. Then came digital photography which demolished any advances it made. 2004 was the water-shed for Kodak gave up making APS cameras that year. it struggles on, inelegantly as from the first day. But one legacy is the survival of the C format as a digital SLR sensor size.

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