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“Hi; I’m Tom. I love photography in all its aspects. I’ve been fortunate to have worked all sides – as picture editor, magazine editor, photographer, teacher – even ran a picture agency for a short time. I love the technology, the art, the social and philosophical aspects of photography. And I care about being accurate and precise. So when Markus asked me to work on this site to give you high-quality information and tips, I jumped at the chance. We hope you’ll enjoy your time with us.”

Tom Ang
London, UK

“Hi, I’m Markus. I’ve been in web development for years and have always loved photography. Last year I got a Nikon DSLR and have been looking for online resources to sharpen my skills. After finding one of Tom’s books, I contacted him and we decided to create an online community for people who love photography as much as we do. We hope to make this site fun and informative and really useful for amateurs and professionals alike. We’re always looking for suggestions so feel free to drop us a line about what you would like to see on this website.”

Markus Urban
Sarasota, FL, USA

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